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pac-man behaviour using tweens (without the worldbounds).


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How can you implement a pacman like behaviour without using worldbounds?

Say that I have a 5x5 grid in the middle of the stage. Whenever a sprite exits the grid I want it to 'wrap around '.


I could do something like

  • tween a sprite till the end of the grid
  • teleport it just outside the other side of the grid
  • tween it to its destination

But this would seem like a glitch in the teleportation part.


It would be nicer to have the grid simulate the game bounds and if a sprite exits the stage , the teleportation to the other side would be transparent.


This effect could be achieved using a mask, but I don't know if such a thing can implemented using phaser.


Sorry If I sound weird, it was just random thoughts...

Does anyone has any ideas on how to implement such a behaviour?


Thank you



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Hm... if I understand the problem is that if you "teleport" the sprite than for brief second it will disappear or it will disapear early because it hit the right side....


I'm not realy into tween animation... but beside that there is example where sprite goes out from one side and then comes form the the other:



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