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Opinions / advice needed


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I have an idea for a new game I'd like to build.  The idea started as a "better version" of http://www.DarkOrbit.com, but as I've brainstormed some of my ideas, it's grown beyond that...to a totally different way of looking at the game mechanics.


I've got enough brainstormed ideas down that I'm ready for feedback - and if there's enough interest, offers of help.


I'm not planning to make any money from this, at least to begin with.  It's just so I have something relatively mindless I can do while I'm thinking more deeply about work.


my notes are at http://thegleep.com/index.php?title=DarkOrbit_Done_Right



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I believe you are correct in all counts.


It's just me.  No, I haven't done games before, but I have been developing for the Web since around the time Java was in beta-testing.


I am not - in any way - against having assistance, if anyone is interested.


In fact, I think that's part of why I posted here - I could use a "brainstorming partner" at the very least.


As I actually get started with the coding, I'll probably want coding partners.  And artists...definitely artists.


I plan to start with a few simple mechanics - get parallax working the way I want it to, then play with "drawing" ships.  Then collision detection.  Then animations like weapons fire.  Then the foundations for the AI (which will be scripted - same engine as players will use to "program" their AI systems)...


Yeah, lots of work.  But if I "eat the elephant one bite at a time", I'll still reach the goal.


I hope.  I'd really like to play this game some day!


Suggestions?  I'm actually really open to advice.

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If it's just about the design part (which is, not coding) I suggest you check some IRC channels dedicated to game design (this site has one as well). It's just my opinion, but if you want brainstorming mates it might be a better idea to check a live chat so that people are more inclined to help you right away compared to a forum. When it's time to start coding it you can just get back here :D.

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Thanks for the suggestion, gbolt.


I will probably end up in an IRC channel or two. 


Unfortunately, I have my "real job" that gets in the way of actual conversations - forums and email are the only reliable way to keep a thread going with the interruptions I get in my day-to-day :(

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