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A dedicated site to help connect Indie devs / staff up your projects


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Hi everyone, a couple of years ago a few friends and I started to work on an Indie game, a tower defense / RTS title for mobile.  It was a long journey, and thankfully the game is nearing completion.  Doing this title made us realize how difficult it was find all the skillsets we needed for the game.  To complete a game, one needs programming, platform specific expertise, concept art, 3D modeling, animation, music/sound, and when the game was closer to completion, video editing skills and marketing know-how.  The list just goes on and on.  We certainly didn't have everyone we needed within our own network and finding others with the right skills was hard.  So we created a site, to help solve that problem:




It's a completely free site, designed to help Indie devs connect with each other, and help staff up projects.  You can search people by skillset, location, or projects by engine, genre, etc.  You can staff up your own projects or join other existing ones.  We created a video to explain the concept - hope you'll find this site useful:




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