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GM: Studio url_open_ext and background color issues on ios


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I am having this issues with ios, 7 and older and all devices, where I have a "more games" button with url_open_ext ('url','_blank'); function and the link just wont work on ios. They do work on Android, PC and everything else.


Another issue specific to ios 7 is that the games that use a color rather than an image as a background are displaying incorrectly in the sense that the color changes from black to a very bright blue or some other color. 


I can easily "fix" the background issue using an image of the desired color but the url thing, I don't know about that. If anyone knows what the problem is, has had it before or better yet, has a solution to this, please let me know. _blank is required.


Oh, and one of my games refuses to work on a Galaxy Tab 2(?). I'm guessing is the background color deal. It wont load at all.


Any help will be appreciated.

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I would like to blame this one on Apple and their ios 7 but I might report it too just in case because I've had issues with background colors before on the windows exporter. Games act like there is no background at all.


What about the url_open_ext thing?

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