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Billboard limits


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I have implemented eyes which are separate meshes.  The mesh origins are set in blender to 'Origin to Center of Mass'.  Setting each eye to billboard works pretty good, but would like to limit the range.  Took a look at AbstractMesh.computeWorldMatrix, but this section is not really intuitive with little code comments.  Is this doable?

I have made a test page. Ignore the pupil & eye color UI.  They are not implemented.  Also, do not switch to Random mode right now.  Random screws everything up at the moment.

Another thing I noticed is it seems billboard mode is more than just rotation.  It looks better for longer going left or right than left or right modes.  By better, I mean the eye does not violate the face mesh.  I can back the eye into the skull slightly when left or right, but anyone know why Billboard mode looks better?

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Ok, the test page works again.  I spend the day hacking on AbstractMesh.ComputeWorldMatrix.  Came to nothing, but I think I'll finish with the random & leave it for now.  I think in what I have planned for this, any time "follow" was employed the camera is not going to be in positions relative to the meshes that will show the flaw.

Dilation & eye color can be managed with multiple texture based materials.  These probably will not change from load time.

@gryff  I do not know how to implement "anti-follow".

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