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PSA: Don't be scared to create large tiled maps!


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Warning, this is based upon the unofficial phaser-tiled plugin here: https://github.com/englercj/phaser-tiled

I have created a yuuuuge tiled map and did some testing.

Map size: 255x255 32x32 tiles, roughly 8160x8160 in dimensions!!

Proof: 038125b1dd95534476bb2316c9317f73.png


Each ground layer has tileset images drawn all over it.

Set my character to around 1000 movespeed and flew across the map to show there is no lag.

Keep in mind my video recording dropped my frames by HALF... It was NOT that laggy when I was moving, trust me. It was still a steady 57-60 FPS. Even with that movespeed.  (Proof)

So my entire point is, don't be scared to create those large maps with Phaser. Pixi / Phaser and the phaser-tiled can handle them just fine. 

Also to note, I did start seeing lag at around 400x400 (32x32) which is around 12800x12800 in dimensions. Not sure if that is my PC's issue, or a V8 / Pixi Rendering issue. Don't care as my maps wont ever need to be that big, but just a heads up. If you use larger tiles, you can make a bigger map too so don't let these dimensions be the limit!




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I'm experiencing FPS decrease to about 43 from 60 on 100x100 (128x128) with native Phaser tilemaps. I'm gonna test  library you pointed on but I think, with such map sizes, some dynamic methods should be used. Can some one point on any information about such approaches? As I want to have a really big worlds.

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