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Mask with lines in canvas renderer


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Hi there,

I'm using pixi 3.0.3, and I'm creating a mask using a line


Copying that code in the examples page http://pixijs.github.io/examples/index.html?s=demos&f=masking.js&title=Masking&v=v3.0.3 runs great in every browser supporting webGL. The expected result is shown in the followingimage

Line mask pixi3.0.3 webGL.png

But if I force the renderer to canvas (or disabling webGL in the browser), the result is the one seen in the attached image Line mask pixi 3.0.3 canvas. The mask isn't shown.


Can anyone point me out if this is a bug of pixi?

Thank you

PS: I'd prefer not moving the mask to a polygon, since the mask evolves with the time and will make the geometry too complex.



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Thank you for the reponse.

Why do you say so? So the only possible path will be to create polygons?

It's weird, because in the documentation there is no reference to this restriction, which I think it's quite annoying.

If anyone knows another workaround, I'd be more than happy to implement it

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