Opal-Phaser: A fast and free Opal wrapper for the Phaser framework to develop browser-based games in Ruby!

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Hi all,

I'm 15 years old and have been developing software for roughly 5 years now. I've been developing a library called opal-phaser since late 2014. Essentially, it lets you write Phaser code with Ruby. It does this by using the Opal source-to-source compiler and, of course, by using Phaser. I created this project because I really like Phaser and I prefer the expressiveness and readability of the Ruby language.

You might be wondering if this is a toy project, but it’s not. I have already created multiple games with opal-phaser and reworked a decent amount of the example suite from the official Phaser Examples. I also created the site for opal-phaser with opal-phaser and the Volt web framework (another very interesting and useful project that uses Opal to great advantage).

A few of the games which I have created and contributed to are:

There are also a few games that have been made by others than myself:

These are just some examples of things that I've seen people do with opal-phaser; there are more. It is also being used to create a large scalable platform by a new startup.

I see a lot of potential for opal-phaser and would like to request that others from the community who are interested in Ruby, or alternative browser languages in general, throw some additional support and feedback in this direction. I'd also love to see more people make projects of their own with opal-phaser and we’ll definitely be happy to support you in such endeavors!

Thanks :)

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