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Creating sprites using a portion of a texture ?


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Hello Pixi.js :)


I have a png image with all my sprite animations.


I would like to use it like an atlas, so a spritesheet in Pixi terms.


It seems that everyone use texturepacker from code'n'web.


The problem is that you have to split every anim piece in multiple files, then import it in texturepacker :/


Is there a way to


- load the entire anim file

- get textures via code ?




load picture("anims.png")

anim1 = gettexture(0,0,16,16)

anim2 = gettexture(16,0,16,16)

anim3 = gettexture(32,0,16,16)


thanks for your help,



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Yup, look at the atlas loader. It does exactly this.


Every texture has a "frame" which is a rectangle that defined the part of the image file to use for that Texture. Basically just create a texture using that image and specify the frame (rectangle) to use.


Notice you can pass a frame object as the second parameter to a Texture: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/docs/classes/Texture.html

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