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Spawn Point

Matt Duffield

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Hi everybody,

I have a quick question.  I am creating some models in Blender.  I have created some empty objects in my model to represent spawn points when the game is playing.  I am loading the export from Blender using the AssetManager.  I grab my asset and then find my main mesh and assign all other meshes' parent to my main mesh. 

When I run the game in debug mode, I can see the labels of my mesh parts and the whole model moves correctly.  However, when I try to use one of the spawn points, left_gun, they always spawn from where my object originally was created.  I would have thought since I can see the spawn points attached to my main object correctly that their position would be updating and moving according to the parent.

I tried to grab the parent's position and offset it by the left_gun position but it was still off. It became even worse whenever I rotated the parent object.

I am sure this is a simple fix but I am trying to get this simple spawn point mechanism to work so that I can accurately represent bullets/rockets/etc.

Thanks in advanced,


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