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Tranform from Parent Reference to World


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I'm sure this has been covered before and I've read some of the tutorials covering topics like this, but I'm still struggling.


I have a mesh that is parented to my camera and I want to to be able to transform it from the parented position/rotation to the world's position/rotation.


Doing position is easy since I can just get _absolutePosition, the rotation I am still stuck on. Could you please advise?


Also, if you have any recommendations for references/resources on matrix operations and quaternions that would be greatly appreciated. I have advanced math education (including linear algebra), but it's been a while and I am out of practice.


Thank you,


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Hello, you should do something like this:

var worldMat = mesh.getWorldMatrix();
var translation = new BABYLON.Vector3();
var quaterion = new BABYLON.Quaternion();
var scale = new BABYLON.Vector3();

worldMat.decompose(scale, rotation, translation);


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Ah hah! I saw this in the documentation, but it was unclear to me how to use it.


Exactly what I wanted. For completeness I did:

// mesh is parented to camera before this line
var worldMat = mesh.getWorldMatrix();
var newTranslation = new BABYLON.Vector3();
var newQuaterion = new BABYLON.Quaternion();
var newScale = new BABYLON.Vector3();
worldMat.decompose(newScale, newQuaterion, newTranslation);

mesh.parent = null;

mesh.rotationQuaternion = newQuaterion;
mesh.position = newTranslation;



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