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loonyBall 3D Game collaboration


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Hi every body,

This is a little personnal project that i wish to see grow faster.

Based on librairy babylonJS.

Let's see the idea:
- solo player
  * closed map, cross the map on time.
  * Bonus on the map allow player to protect, attack, destroy, ruin and cheat =)
  * Enemies (with random/programmed behaviours) / connected players
  * THE GOAL : go through the map ALIVE =)
Basis are simple for now,
 * a map 20x20
 * maze map
 * caracter (sphere now)
 * move with colisions and mobile orientation detection
I miss a lot pieces for my puzzle, but with advices, voluntarism, and a lot of fun this project will shape up quickly.

This is some guidelines...

Graphical side :
 * caracter / enemy funny and simple
 * design of scene
 * will come effect and object state
Developpement side :
 * Review, control, advice about game engine with babylonJS that already exists.
 * set a visual debugger context with informations of meshes / actions / performance in 3D scene.
 * set a mechanic to record some behaviours and attach it to enemy.
 * when the basis of project will be clear and stable, serveur side is waiting for us =)
Player side :
 * Research of cool way of gaming, use it with different type of device
 * Idea and brainware are welcome
My side :
 * i engage myself to watch, control, and attach your commit to the project quickly
You can found the project at :

Fork it, update it, and send me a pull request.

When updates are validated, the new version will be visible at

 DEMO  http://chepchepcirkus.github.io

From review code to flash of inspirations, any contributions will be a big step.

The project and the idea are not totally defined, feel free to suggest (especially the wired and crazy one)

Let's have fun =)


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