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Being published on the Firefox marketplace


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Hi everyone,


As it is required by clay.io's competition, I have submitted my game to the Firefox market place last week end, and they haven't approved nor denied it yet, so I was wondering if any of you guys had ever published anything on their marketplace, and if yes, how long did it take to be published?


I know 4 days isn't very long, but I really thought they'd be faster than that...

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Just make sure it's submitted, it doesn't have to be approved by the 5th. If we need to, we have a great relationship with Mozilla, so we can just ask if it's in the queue :)


As for your question on how long it takes, it's been a while for me, but I believe it was around a week for the games to be approved.

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I was asked to package my games for them a while back - the rep. made out that there was a short deadline, so I did it pretty quickly.  Then they took 5 weeks to review :/  Granted, this was over Christmas - but if you take 2 weeks off for the holidays, 3 weeks is still a pretty long time :(

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