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Dedicated site to connect indies - The site is now completely open


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Hi everyone, since announcing our site (for those who don't yet know, teamstarter.net is a dedicated site to allow indie devs to connect with each other and start or join project teams to bring games to market in a collaborative fashion), one of the strongest points of feedback though was that people wanted to be able to browse the site freely, without needing to sign in.  After getting that feedback, we realized that you guys are completely right - TeamStarter exists as a site to help promote the projects of our members - and we couldn't do that well if the project was behind a closed wall.  We'd be doing our members a disservice by keeping the site closed off.  So, now we have completely opened the site up - you can browse the members and projects directories without signing in.  Member, project, and task searches are still reserved for people we sign up, and of course if you want to connect with others and message them, you'll need to sign up.  But, aside from that, it's a completely open site.  Once again, thanks for the feedback, and join the fray!

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