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Paid pixel art artist required


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Hello, everyone!
I'm developing a game with isometric & true pixel art graphics, no 3d stuff.
Previously I've had drawn by myself, but now I'm feeling in need for help.
It's a city building game, similar to simcity and with graphical style more to transport tycoon.
There is need to draw buildings, terrain, gui icons etc.
Is there anyone interested in cooperation?  :)


I'm working on this in overall more than 2 years. I've had few different prototypes, had developed own simple engine. So I'm not feeling on abandoning this project now, when its near to be finished.

Here is some demos:



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Very interesting idea you have there! I am Scrillrock and I want to offer you my pixel art skills for your upcoming game .I think I can help a lot with the backgrounds,terrain tiles and especially - the chatacters. I can deal with sprite animating but that's kind of not my "passion". At the bottom of this letter there are likns with exapmles of my pixel arts.They are all from 2014/2015, because I stopped working with them by now
Of course these are all pieces of hobby art, i will do lots of better with a project big like this.
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