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New to Game Dev, looking for advice/tips.


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So when I say I am new, well, I am definitely new. I have a few awesome ideas about a game I want to make however, I just don't know where to start. I'm a Web Designer/Front-End developer by day and gamer all the time. :)


I'm not a proficient JS user, besides knowing how to throw together some conditionals, and some jQuery here and there, but I'm willing to learn whatever it takes to make something happen, even if it means making a super basic game. What I am good at is designing, html, and css. Hopefully those can help me get a head start on some of this, but I know all the heavy lifting is done with JS and a lot of the new technologies HTML5 has to offer.


So.....anyway, yea, really want to make a game, but frozen in the "I have no clue where to start" circle. Any advice is good advice. :)



P.S. Eventually I want to make games for PC/Mac/Linux using Unity, but I want to start with something smaller before diving into the tougher stuff.

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An opinion that might not be shared by many people is that you could start using something like Construct 2 or Gamemaker: Studio. Once you get something done (and you see that it works and isn't just an idea) you could look into something more flexible like any other framework/engine based on JS (or even continue with Construct or Gamemaker if you so wish to). I'd say to try Construct 2 out (even though I'm a Gamemaker: Studio user myself) since it's the most popular and the most hassle-free one around (that is if HTML5 is what you're currently after).

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JavaScript for games is a whole different beast from some jQuery here and there, so I'd probably mirror gbolt's suggestion and say try out something like Construct 2 to start. 


The free version is enough to get a good feel for it and decide if you want to shell out the $100 to buy the full version.


http://superubielanddemo.clay.io/ (game may take a while to load) is a good example of what can be done with it - built by someone without a programming background, but with a lot of artistic talent.

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