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Babylon Coordinate Unit


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I do, but I'm not sure how I can properly convert a scene from one engine to another without being able to convert between the units because scale and location will be altered.


1ft,1ft,1ft is much different from 1m,1m,1m


Overall, my goal is to combine several unreal scenes into a single Babylon scene. I want to be able to define a local coordinate systems within the bounding boxes of the terrain surfaces so I'm not working with huge global positions, and I can more easily compartmentalize the huge scene. I doubt there's a current way to do this, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Either way, my first step is to be able to convert from unreal to Babylon. We're currently exporting to an OBJ file for the raw models, but then cloning everything as needed to save memory since some objects are repeated 20~30 times.

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If we consider that 1 unit = 1 meter, is it coherent with the physic engine and the light calculation?




For physics engine you may want to be careful with gravity value since it must be coherent with your unit. 9.81 is correct if your unit is meter otherwise you have to convert 9.81 to the right value. If 1 unit = 1 cm then gravity should be set to 981.

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