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does Phaser use a spatial structure to optimize physics ?


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I gotta develop a side-scroll plateform game with a very large level and a lot of rectangular platforms.

I need to know how phaser manages collision detection "inside the engine":

1 - does Phaser performs a stupid brute force test on each platform of the map ? so my game should eat too much cpu and i should use a tilemap instead of rectangular platforms

2 - does Phaser stores cleverly the platforms in a spatial structure (grid, kd-tree...) to make a local search before testing collision ? so i can use rectangular platforms

Thanks for help ;)

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i read that in official docs:

Phaser.Physics.Arcade - A light weight AABB based collision system with basic separation.

Phaser.Physics.P2JS - A full-body advanced physics system supporting multiple object shapes, polygon loading, contact materials, springs and constraints.

Phaser.Physics.NINJA - A port of Metanet Softwares N+ physics system. Advanced AABB and Circle vs. Tile collision.

Seems that ninja uses tile grid.

It doesn't say anything about spatial structures in Arcade & P2

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Arcade Physics has a quadtree, yes, but also the sortDirection property - this allows it to pre-sort collision groups based on a given direction, and then fast eliminate collision checks. Not much use if the scene is very dense, but extremely useful if your world is very wide or tall.

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