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Team for an MMORTS Game


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I'm looking for a team that's interested in working on an MMORTS style game. The game itself takes the standard MMORTS game style and switches it up a bit by replacing the concept of an alliance or guild with a city. Each player is automatically placed into a city when they join and may choose to work their way up into the city leadership or leave and join another city. Each city will be one of three major types which gives the players and the city itself extra stats in different areas to create a gameplay where cities will need to create alliances and trade agreements with each other to progress. Players themselves will take part in the city objectives as well as their own character development through questing, trading, and crafting. To give the player an end goal, each server will have a limited lifespan of either 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years, and the player may have multiple characters (one per server) at a time.

The game itself is being coded with HTML DOM/CSS/JS on the frontend and PHP on the backend. The backend is a REST API based on the Slim Framework, and all calls to the backend are via JSON encoded AJAX calls. All data is residing in a mysql database.

I'm looking for people from all areas of expertise that would be interested in working on the project from artists, to developers, and even people with experience working out gameplay mechanics.

While I would love for this to eventually produce a nice revenue, realistically this is a hobby for me, so I'm looking for team members who want to be part of the project for the fun of it. If you're interested, please let me know.

GitHub: https://github.com/TechnoChimp/mmorts

Blog: http://technochimp89.blogspot.com/

Game: http://technochimp.tk/

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I was interested to see this but I only get a blank black box with a white line on the left side when I launch the game.

I think I got some kind of access denied message in the console the first time I launched the game so maybe it failed to create my character?  Now the api is giving me back an empty character list.

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There is now a basic character creation system in place that allows you to define a character name. For now all other character specifications are not yet available.

Once a character is created you should expect to be able to see that character on your character select list, and be able to click that character to load the city that character belongs to. Each building can be clicked to open a popup with the building name, but no data will be available on those screens yet. The bag icon will open an inventory screen with 9 slots, but there will not be any items in them yet. I have so far added functionality to be able fill in the inventory based on rows in the DB, but have yet to add any features to the game that would give the player an item. (A lot of work left to do.)

It's still very early in development, but some of the basic functionality is starting to take shape.

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