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3D alternatives to THREE


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I am interested to use a 3D "engine" in my browser. I wouldn't consider my project a full-on "game" per se. What I have is a configuration for a sports field arena, so want to engage with the configuration, and to manipulate the canvas and scene objects according to the configuration. Things like field length, width, goal posts, and so on.

I am using ASP.NET MVC for my web platform. The configuration part is basically working but for some CSS snafus; but that's well outside the 3D scope of things.

I am interested to find out how I might have a 3D canvas/scene "listen" for the form input and respond accordingly.

Last but not least, would it be possible to provide a NuGet package for the Babylon bits? THREE has one, although admittedly, the NuGet specification appears to be several revisions old.

Thank you...


Michael Powell

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