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Multiple iframes of Babylon.js websites


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I'm building web-pages which contain multiple iframes of Babylon.js sites.  At most I've had 6 iframes on the same page with 3D content.  (this one http://www.aarontyler.com.au/blog/strayashrapnel)  I'm doing this because I want to sprinkle 3D elements throughout the website and it can't be done with one canvas.  Is there any problem that this could cause?  If so, is there a better way to do this?  I previously had an issue with multiple audio engines being created but that was fixed by using the core js file without the audio engine.

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2 hours ago, NasimiAsl said:

why you dont create multiple scene in one page with multi canvas?

Is this possible?  I tried it and couldn't get a second one working.  Maybe I did it wrong :/  If I can get that working, I'll give it a go.  But sometimes iframes is useful for people that want to include 3D into their Wordpress site.  That was the case for the work I did on Straya Shrapnel.  That guy wasn't able to add javascript code to his blog so I had to give him an iframe link.

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