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iOS camera jitter

Cameron Foale

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I'm still getting a jittery camera on iOS - it seems to be caused by the time between requestAnimationFrame renders being inconsistent, particularly when the frame rate is < 60fps.


I can't repro on Chrome or FF on desktop - the time always appears consistent.


Short of switching to a fixed physics timestep, I'm currently working around the issue using this (in a PhaserPatch.js):

Phaser.Time.prototype.original_update = Phaser.Time.prototype.update;Phaser.Time.prototype.update = function (time) {    //  More aggressively clamp the delta    if (this.physicsElapsed > (1.0/15))    {        this.physicsElapsed = (1.0/15);    }    this.lastPhysElapsed = this.physicsElapsed;    this.original_update(time);    // lowpass filter the physics to smooth out the jitters    this.physicsElapsed = (this.physicsElapsed * 0.1) + (this.lastPhysElapsed * 0.9);};

This lowpass-filters the time between each physics update, and greatly improves the experience when using camera.follow.


It feels like a very hacky solution though - is there something else I should be looking into?


I've tried:

- Disabling dead zones in the camera by just using camera.follow

- Not rendering my character avatar at all, just rendering using debug.renderSpriteBounds()


The only thing that fixed it straight up was explicitly setting physicsElapsed to 1/60 seconds, which doesn't really work well either with variable frame rates.


Any suggestions? The same behaviour is happening on both iOS6 & 7


It seems like the camera position is updating based on the previous frame's position, or something like this.

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Hi there!


I want to share my solution to the problem:

postUpdate() {    super.postUpdate();    this.position.x = Phaser.Math.truncate(this.position.x);    this.position.y = Phaser.Math.truncate(this.position.y);}

I noticed that camera somehow rounds view's position, but Body updates Sprite with physics positions,

So for high velocities i just need to cut the fractional part of PIXI.Sprite position property just after Phaser.Sprite postUpdate call.

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