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Ive got a Transform Riddle for you.


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Ok take this case and scenario.

I have some sort of path its length and shape is irrelevant, but it at last has two points, a start and an end.
Now I want to take an object, and with and array in the form of
keys = [{value,time,easing},{value,time, easing},{value,time, easing} ];
then call it with something like:
var followPath = new Object.followPath(keys, args);

Any takers?

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I think ive figured it out, the one thing I need to solve is how would I return the position of a point on a line by percent of the line?

ok... kinda got it structured the way I want... now I got a weird bug.
when I set the spheres position it flattens it and makes the mesh a circle? huh?

Nevermind it was because the y was nan.

Now the question is why is it not starting from the start point that I am passing to it?

if I comment out the lerp then its where its supposed to be.


I dont quite understand why its teleporting back to 0,0,0

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So removing the multiplication of the percent stopped it from working i guess... gonna figure out a work around but till then, yea this kinda works without the smoothness.

Its the starts of a camera Boone system...

for the time being i have http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AGOCE#5
which works but I want to get it all onto one line instead of 3 for the lerp.

I worked out most of this, and made a demo thread.

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8 hours ago, RaananW said:

Just thinking aloud - why won't you use the animation system?  http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Animations

Hmm, interesting raan.  I kinda skipped over that idea, and went right to how I would do it in unity.  I think maybe I'll take a look at doing the same thing but with animations and see how tha performs.  Do a bench test of my lerp loop vs animations, and I'm gonna go from there.


jerome I think the 3D path may be my ticket, I was just looking over it but it seems it automatically can construct distances between points which would be way easier to find points by percentage then.

so perhaps a combination of 3D path and animations instead of a custom lerp?

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Just looked at your roller coaster example, and learned freezeWorldMatrix, coolness.  Also I like how you did the car and handled it's rotation to the track very intuitive. 

Yea I just mocked this up really fast because I needed a way to more effectively animate my camera on set rails.  With the info you guys gave me and the prototype I'll be able to create what I need thank you!

I can't wait to see what you guys think of my surface2air middle tutorial I'm sure y'all will spawn tons of ideas.  I want to get it done though so I can move on the deploying a custom physics system for a dual blade helicopter.

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