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blender exporter 4.4.2 questions


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trying to export some animations form a blender file.

the blend file has 1 skeleton, 1 mesh and 6 animations

Ever time i export the animations I get different results even when no changes were made.

Most of the time the animation shows up completely corrupted.

Eventually I noticed that the "current or selected" animation in blender makes a difference.

So the question is before exporting should the blender be in any particular state?

Do the animations have to be made in any particular format? For example should the first frame be in a rest position or t-pose etc?

Also I see there is a exporter called "Tower Of Babel" exporter? What is this?



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I also notice that in blender  actions should start from frame 1 not frame 0.

I had an action from frame 0 to 2, it showed up as 1 to 2 in babylon.

Also actions with single frame show up as two frames - so for example I had a single frame action, a "pose", from frame 1 to 1

This showed up as frame 1 to 2.

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I have known about these issues for a while, have just PR'ed 4.4.3 to get the animation range in sync with the frames written.  @gryff , who may have departed, gave me a test file with the same problems.

I saw the frame out of sync with the range problem, & fixed it hoping to get the other fixed as well.  Did not.  None of my animations have this problem, and I kind of put it on the back burner.  I have been refactoring the Tower of Babel exporter into being a real, multi-file, python package that does more than export to BJS.  It has support for Blender shape keys, puts out discreet poses for skeleton animations not every frame, and generates in-line javascript & d.ts file instead of a JSON file.

TOB and the relationship with the JSON file exporter is described in the into to the documentation.  I am close to pushing out this version.  Was going to try again to fix this animation problem in TOB, after temporarily turning on "do every frame".  Make the same change to JSON exporter on success.

Right now, am trying to determine if all my pipeline needs are going to be met in TOB 5.0.  I need to figure out how to join meshes along with their textures to get down the # of draw calls.  Evaluating an add-on that comes with Blender, UV: Texture Atlas, but not turned on.  4.4.3 at least fixes the range problem.  If you want, you can go to 4.4.1 if you have no need of IK, and implement your animation ranges on the BJS side yourself.


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