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Urgent project in Babylon and ??Blender??


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Hi everyone!

We are developing a web page (Prestashop) which need a mug in 3d with some customizable areas. The customers can create their own designs, with pictures or text. They also can change the inside part of the mug and the handle with different colors. Then they can buy the mug with that design.  


(The handle and the inside part colors could be different)

The main idea is to customize the front, the back or a mesh of 360º. thanks to the babylon library, we can attach the customization as a texture of a mesh. It is important that the mug has defined the different mesh in the babylon object. 

So we need the next elements:

- A .babylon file with the mug, made in Blender or whatever. 

- A mug with the measures of the image. image003.jpg

- The mug needs to have the follow different meshes (explained in the different photos): 

 - A mesh exclusively with the inside part, to change the color of it.


- A mesh exclusively with the handle, to change the color of it.


- A full part of the outside of the mug. 


- A 360 printing zone: 220x90mm


- A front printing zone 85x85 mm

- A back printing zone 85x85mm



- It is needed that the handle, the mug texture and the shadow will be exactly the same as that picture:   


- Inside the babylon world, we have to be able to rotate the mug in order to appreciate the design of every part of the mug.  It would be perfect with the gradient of the previous picture, but with a 360º rotation.  

The size of the design zone for the customer, is the same to the mesh. It means that if we set the customized to the corresponding mesh, it have to appear correctly. We explain that, because of the UV mapping in the Blender mesh.  

It is not needed to make the functionality of change the meshes color or attach the picture to them. But we really need that the result mug and the babylon world, have the appearance of the previous picture ( the light, the shadow, the texture, the reflexes...) 


That is a very important and urgent project for us, and we can pay for the job. Please send us the total budget. 

We are able to pay by paypal or the way you prefer. 





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