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Add width to renderer view without scaling childrens


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Hello everyone !

I need to know if there is a way in Pixi to add width to the renderer view without scaling the content.

I already tried using renderer.autoResize = false with no success. 

For example :

// First I set the height of the view
var h = window.innerHeight-100;
renderer.view.style.height = h + "px";

// Then, I set the width with the good factor to keep everything in a good shape
renderer.view.style.width = (h*2.666) + "px";

// I would like to be able to add width after without affecting the shape of the sprites

Do you think it's possible ?


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//if you wanna auto-update style
renderer = new Renderer(800, 600, { autoResize:true});
renderer.resize(newWidth, newHeight);

//if you want to do it yourself
renderer = new Renderer(800, 600, {});
renderer.resize(newWidth, newHeight);
renderer.view.style.width = newWidth+'px';
renderer.view.style.height = newHeight+'px';

//You dont want to resize canvas, you are totally ok if it will be pixelated
renderer.view.style.width = newWidth+'px';
renderer.view.style.height = newHeight+'px';
stage.scale.x = newWidth/800;
stage.scale.y = newHeight/600;

Renderer and view have its own width/height that are actually CANVAS width/height, it differs from CSS ones.

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