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Check if sprite is already added


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Is there a way to check if a sprite is already added? for example check if a player and a enemy overlap if they do, then it would add a sprite somewhere on the screen 

but since this should propably be in the update function, only add the sprite once and not like 1 every millisecond.

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10 hours ago, VitaZheltyakov said:

if (typeof sprite !== "undefined")



1 hour ago, drhayes said:

Pretty sure what Vita is saying is store the sprite in a variable somewhere and check if that variable is undefined or not before adding it again. If it's around but "alive === false", you can ".revive()" it to get it back.

Is there a way to check if this is undefined, then add the image, and then move it on the y axis? i tried it but for some reason i couldn't get the arcade physics working with this in there. Also for some reason it didn't add the sprite at all. Can you help me?. I tried this:

if(game.physics.arcade.distanceBetween(player, enemy) < 60)

{ sprite.body.velocity.y = 2 }   

if(game.physics.arcade.distanceBetween(player, enemy) < 80)

{ if (typeof sprite !== "undefined")


sprite = game.add.sprite(498, 110, 'sprite')
game.physics.enable(sprite, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE)
game.physics.arcade.enable(sprite) }   }


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