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Delete child, Add child, Or...

Alex Tappin

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I have been using Pixi js for about 6 months now. I am using it as my rendering library for a sidescroller game I am developing for my senior project at my university. 

I stumbled across a post that mentioned using the sprites "visible" property. I just had a quick question on performance and what you guys would recommend.

While running through my sprite sheets, I was removing the child, and then adding the next sprite image every time my sprite needed to render the next sprite in the spritesheet! 

What I have done now is add each sprite to the stage upon initialization of my sprites. I also set the sprites visibility to false upon creation and make sure to only set the active sprite images visibility to true (the one I want to show) instead of deleting and re-adding. 

I suppose this will increase performance? Are there betters ways to go about this?

I will post some code examples in the morning when I am on a computer. Just wanted to post it here for now.


Thanks everyone!

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Unless you have at least 10k sprites inside container, everything goes.

Better way: change sprite texture.

//your way
var oldSprite = sprite;
sprite = new Sprite(myNextFrameTexture);
sprite.position = oldSprite.position;

//canonic way
sprite.texture = myNextFrameTexture;


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