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@ Flomotion

 I'm using two different 3d software but the main one is 3ds Max 

I test the 3ds max which export but I don't know what to do next because it a blank screen

I also tried to import obj and have the same result 

just keep in mind I never tried work with 3d graphic and jump right in without any formal experience

Screenshot (108).png

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Well, first of all, check your developer console in your browser and check for errors there. If there is nothing it's kinda hard to tell without seeing your code, I guess. You could try to show us your code in an online version or in the playground. Since you probably can't load your model in the playground I suggest using an avalable model from the playground as a dummy. In this default playground for example you have the skull that you can work with. It is a complex model, too, so it should behave just like your car, I guess. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/?16

So just try to port your code to the playground and show us. If your code works with the skull model in the playground, but not with your car model at your local machine you could try the skull locally or prive use the car so we can try it with your model to make sure everything works fine.

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