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Problem with Parrent


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//mainTerrain.rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3((0*(2*Math.PI/65536))-1.57, (0*(2*Math.PI/65536)), (0*(2*Math.PI/65536)));


The rotation is commented out like every other rotation in the file. Also, no rotations are happening after the clones are assigned the mainTerrain parent. So I'm not sure how simply assigning it to a parent would alter it's rotation. The terrain isn't rotated in the scene, and it's base orientation is no different than the other objects in the Babylon file.

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Just to add a clear "Answered" thread.



Hierarchies are evaluated on every frame.

So any rotations, or translations/positions made to the parent prior to assigning it to children will also be applied to the children when parent is assigned.


All rotations, or translations/positions made after assigning a parent to a child will be maintained with the child in relation to the parent.


Basically in simple terms, don't rotate or move a child until after you've assigned it to the parent, and keep in mind that additional rotations will be in relation to the parent after the parent rotations are applied to the child.

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