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addTimer not working


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Hello. I've been trying to add a timer to my game and have followed all the examples precisely and it will not work.

I'm creating an object and want the object to do something every second. If I use this.addTimer, I get an error saying this.addTimer is not a function. If I use game.scene.addTimer, I get no errors but the code inside never triggers.


Here is an example:

 Crate = game.Class.extend({
        init: function()
        {            game.scene.addTimer(1000, function() { console.log("timer"); }, true); }});

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What engine version? I tested in v2 and game.scene.addTimer(1000, function() { console.log("timer"); works fine.

The reason this.addTimer didn't work in your example is because this refers to the Class class you are extending and it doesn't have an addTimer method.

if you wanted your class to have an addTimer method you could extend the Container class instead, or use the Timer class in your own class in a similar way to how the Container/Scene classes are using it.


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