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Screen to world


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Hi there, 

I believe that's how you go from world to screen coordinates:

var screenPoint = BABYLON.Vector3.Project(worldPoint, 

To go from screen to world I found the Unproject function, is there any example of how to use it? And do those functions take the camera radius into account?

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Here is an example of getting the 3D position of your scene from where you click your mouse on the canvas area. Hope it helps.

canvas.addEventListener("pointerdown", function (evt) {
    var pickResult = scene.pick(evt.clientX, evt.clientY, function (mesh) {
        return mesh;
    if (pickResult.hit) {
        console.debug("3D position", pickResult.pickedPoint);
}, false);


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It looks like sprites don't get hit by rays?

(open console to see logs)



edit: I found pickSprite but it doesn't return the hit point hehe. 


All I want to do is draw a line from a point on a sprite to the center of the scene. How do I get that point on the sprite converted to the 3d world? I've got a feeling I'm missing something really obvious.

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