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Force order of drawing?


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I have eyes which move randomly.  Some positions cause them to break the skin in places.  Was thinking if the eyes painted first, before the body, then this would not occur.  Two questions:

Will order affect outcome?

Is there some kind of simple way to do this?  Maybe a method like :

scene.prioritize(eye_L, body);
scene.prioritize(eye_R, body);

This could maybe sort stuff, so it will just work out perfect, without any render loop overhead.  Any thoughts?

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Not looking good.  Eyes are instanced after body, since they are child. I think I cause the order to change with this later:

var scene = body.getScene();
scene.addMesh   (body);

Might help with ties, but with float 32 that would be rare.  Think setting back very slightly will be the next thing I try.  When combining facial expressions, eye rotation, & blinking, things are just too tight.  Let me know, if I have missed something.

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Backing in relative terms, since make human can be measured in inches, decimeters, & meters worked.  May need to allow customization of the multiplier, but this was the minimum back off that worked. hardly noticeable, unless you knew it was done. shhh.

var boundingBox = this._leftEye.getBoundingInfo().boundingBox;
this._leftEye .movePOV(0 , 0, boundingBox.maximum.z * -0.15);
this._rightEye.movePOV(0 , 0, boundingBox.maximum.z * -0.15);


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