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textureMask on mesh


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I'm reading tutoria and example about particles and i found the textureMask


since i'm building a SolidParticleSystem i was wondering if texture has something similar at textureMask and if would make any difference using a PNG with alpha instead an image without alpha and apply a mask on it

is it for better performance?


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from this tutorial it says



For this texture, you can use an optional mask to filter some colors, or filter a part of the alpha channel.

particleSystem.textureMask = new BABYLON.Color4(0.1, 0.8, 0.8, 1.0);


and it links at this example


but actually i can't find the textureMask part :huh:

i download the code expecting a PNG with alpha but it is white in the center and black on the side

and i can't really understand how that happens, i guess with a mask and i was wondering if is possible to do the same thing with a material apply at standard mash

I don't know if the reason not to use alpha in the image is for performance, but i guess that is the reason




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actually textureMask is only a property of the standard particle system, not of the solid particle system (sps=

You just have to remember that a SPS is simply in fact a standard mesh. So any property appliable to a mesh will work on the SPS... this means all the materials, PBR materials, easy shaders (eash), etc.

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