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PointCloud and particles systems


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before starting to look in babylon i was looking at particles systems in threejs i saw some examples like this ( is not mine )


you can try to change line 65 to 200.000 an still move it without issue

particleCount = 200000;

i guess from name and digging a little inside threejs code that it is drawing a point, that i guess i lighter than any simple mesh


in babylon i found the ability to change a mash into point with material

meshMat.pointsCloud = true;
meshMat.pointSize = 1.5;

and 2 different particles systems: ParticleSystem and SolidParticleSystem

SolidParticleSystem is a big mesh of other meshes ( and i guess it is suppose to handle a lot fewer objects ) but are ParticleSystem and material.pointsCloud similar to threejs PointCloud?

can point interact with mouse pinter, for example on click?

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you have multiple options :)

- ParticleSystem: every particle is a quad generated on GPU side. Pretty efficient: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1RRQKC

- SolidParticleSystem: a specific mesh that can be picked, can generate shadows, etc...Works pretty well if you need to have complex particles: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2FPT1A#9

- Point cloud: You can ask the renderer to generate points instead of triangles: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RAIHJ#18


To interact with mouse, you can use SPS or do it manually with two other options.

At first sight, I would say that ParticleSystem or PointCloud can achieve the same result as your link

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@Deltakosh I'm watching your vide on MS :)

would it be possible to use the point as primitive for a SolidParticleSystem? i didn't found 

whitch other primitive would be the best choice to use to make something like a plain ( no 3D ) dot? i will probably apply a small texture


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