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Alpha Transparency after post processing


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I notice that when I use the FxaaPostProcess my scene retains its alpha transparancy. This is important because I am overlaying my scene over a background image behind the canvas.

When I use the ColorCorrectionPostProcess the background becomes black.

Does anyone have a way around this? If I insert my background into the scene it will either move with the camera or be affected by the ColorCorrectionPostProcess which I do not want.

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Hi d28, how ya been?  I hope well.

   Would the Babylon.Layer be of use?  Here is a demo of a layer being used as a fixed background.  Thought I would ask.  :)

I might be off-topic a bit, though.  You might want a webpage background to show-through.  I think it uses scene.clearColor = new BABYLON.Color4(0, 0, 0, 0);   [4th value = alpha]. 

You probably know all this already, and I am likely standing in the way of a post-process bug fix, so I'll sign off now.  :)

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