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SolidParticleSystem and blinking particles


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I'm using a SolidParticleSystem where my particles are planes


var particle = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreatePlane("model", {size: 0.8}, scene);

on this plane i add the flare.png that has alpha instead of black

now what i would like to obtain is something like this effect


not sure i could do it but in update loop seems that is possible to change color but not alpha

should i look into shaders?

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I was thinking to create a second cloud of particles using ParticleSystem to add over the first one, I found a way to position initial particles on the mesh but i can't find a way to generate new particles in same mesh position. It seem that just dies.

I also have a strange problem with the mesh that i'm loading, it probably is a problem on how the mesh is exported from blender

if i add the mesh to the scene it in in horizontal position, if i use it to generate the particle system is in vertical position

in solid particle system i can just rotate the mesh after i create it in ParticleSystem i can't find a way to do it

i attach the monkey head screen capture for a better example

here a PG


Voila_Capture 2016-04-20_10-46-08_AM.png

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