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A sort of warcraft 1 in js


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Hello i am jeremie i work for my hobby with js/php in france

I am trying to create an strategy game a sort of warcraft 1 with pure javascript php 5-7 mysql, css3 and some gif for pictures.

to moment i have just a board and a pacman with some walls.

i search a chatrooms to speak about algorythms and game designs

to moment it's to improve my knowledge about POO and IA, i search books, blogs, and forums.


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i advanced a lot since my first message, in april i had a simple maze in black and white, i wanted to create a little warcraft 1 by using the webbrowser for kindle plateform.

slowly i understand better and better how objects works in javascript (closures, setinterval, setTimeout and scope variables)

  • now i have a better grid/boards,
  • few pawns each pawns begin to have field vision and a "fog", they can move right/left/up/down and four diagonals.
  • i tested a system to create laser swith my little knowledge in math in trigonometrie but i just understand how to create gif with transparent background,
  • i implemented recently my first building that allow the user to construct a pawn.

i have lot of bugs but it's really fun to create this type of game.

  • i hope to implment more buidings.
  • quadtree algorythms.
  • formations algorythms.
  • multi users interfaces.


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Last test in january 2017 :

  • now the map is infinite as you can see on the video below,
  • you can scroll the map ( isn't yet perfect with the mouse ),
  • Function "out Fog" was improved, i changed the system to generate a circle around the selected pawn , but it's not perfect yet because the fog that cover the discovered  map doesn't work correctly (in gray), in fact diagonals gray functions don't implemented yet i hesitate to increase the white circle.
  • path to go from A to B was improved now if you want to change to C in the middle of the path it's possible.
  • when a pawn appear on stop X and Y, all the group is stoped.

i began to implement a idea of ressource, that don't work actually.

The big change here is the infinite map.FLV_quadTree_str.flv





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