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Your opinion about on the fly rendering 3D vs. current solutions


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Hi all,

For professional reasons, I'm digging the topic of mobile devices and 3D general usages (gaming, configurator, architecture..)

Please be kind and do not prepare tomatoes: I'm not a 3D specialist at all, that's why I come with my silly questions :-)

I did a small benchmark taking as reference 3D rendering engines located in the Cloud and computing ALL on-the-fly (by opposition to precomputation to produce an WebGL model).
It sounds to be emerging and not completly mature but it's my reference.


I see a lot of advantages compared to WebGL: freedom of movment in scenes, highly realistic textures and independance against the computation power of the mobile device (if the scene is complex).

This is my understanding but I have difficulty finding information because WebGL seems to be completly hegemonic !

According to you, are cloud on-the-fly rendering solutions a dead-end or the future (taking into technological evolutions: networks...) ?


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I have doubts cloud rendered gaming could work well for mobile. It would require significant bandwidth which could be a problem for mobile accounts whose bandwidth is throttled, capped, etc. Server costs would be high relative to the number of installs so there would be pressure to generate unusually high revenue per install. That would be difficult since mobile users are notoriously stingy.

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