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Shameful newbie problem


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Hello I am learning phaser today, my very first tutorial provided by the main phaser site. So basically I am a new programmer learning javascript and phaser in order to become a game developer one day, sigh. But I ran in to what I believe will be the first of many errors.  So I am using the "making my first game" tutorial  in the zip folder. The basic code structure for a phaser game gives the black screen. When I execute that code in the browser I can see the black screen window as I am supposed to see. But when I load an image just one like the star as specified the window no longer loads. I just get a blank html file staring at me. I hit refresh and it is still blank. Can someone tell me why my images do not load and the screen goes blank? I am using apache as I am supposed to and I am loading from the htdocs in my browser.

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