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Limiting text width and height


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With the Text class, you can choose to turn on and off word wrapping after a certain length, but what I require is to be able to limit the width and/or height of text. If I have a button of a certain size, I want the text 'Bob' to fit in it's natural size, and the text 'BobBobBobBobBobBob' to scale down to fit within this button.

Scenario 1: Limiting width. This is actually quite easy, with word wrapping off, because after drawing the text, if the canvas width exceeds how wide I want it to be, I can just scale it down.

Scenario 2: Limiting height. Now, in this scenario, word wrapping is on, so it's already wrapping at the appropriate width. However, I can't use the above method to scale the resulting canvas, because then the width would also be reduced, and I don't want that. 

I do have a very hack solution to these scenarios. Hack on scenario 1 requires checking in renderWebGL if I've scaled down due to limiting width, and if so record some variables so that if I scaled it up and down via .scale things still work. Hack on scenario 2 involves recursively calling updateText with smaller text sizes until it fits within the correct height! Ouch

Wondered if anyone had thought about this before and come across any better solutions?

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