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How can I animate the CreateLines()


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I have a pretty complex shape that is created from points and the createLines() method.



The Math is taken from a book I bought http://www.amazon.com/Morphing-Mathematical-Transformations-Architects-Designers/dp/1780674139 and I would like to get a better idea of how the math draws the shape.


Therefore, How would animate lines e.g. How can I get the lines to appear as if they are drawing in over a 10 second period?

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Hey deltakosh!  

Thanks for the welcoming!! And thank you for being so quick in your response!!!

Yeah I thought I could do the short timeout.  It just bothered me so I didn't try lol. but the timeout will satisfy my curiosity, so thanks for the confidence.

I have lots more questions as I stumble through learning babylonjs.  Looking forward to hearing from you more ;)

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if the number of points in your line doesn't change, but only the point positions, you could also re-use the CreateLine() method directly in the render loop


The same for a LineSystem object : http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Mesh_CreateXXX_Methods_With_Options_Parameter#linesystem

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