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Any news on ImpactJS's future plans?


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I'm curious if anyone has any information about the future of ImpactJS. The review's here indicate to me, that, maybe a new engine is under development? I would love to see a Impact 2.0 with an insane Weltmeister editor. I loved Impact's entity based system. (I'm obviously a Phaser fan now, but, it's fun to try out new engines).  


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Impact.js is actually not entity based, while it does have "Entity" class and you can inherit it :D

If you want to try some "not that entity" entity based game engine, come to taste LesserPanda, a "Behavior" centric system will be ready to use in a few weeks. And I recently write a devlog about the new direction the engine is heading to. The editor will also benefit from the new design.

Yet LesserPanda is still WIP, and currently I am the only one working on it. It would be great that anyone else is interested and even contribute :D

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i'm actually quite optimistic about ImpactJS. It's one of the more complete (and really thought out) engines out there.

I've been using it for about 5 years. It's still as rock solid as ever. Best investment of my $99.

Best of all, i'm still discovering new things today about the engine, and what it's capable of.


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