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Arcrotate camera relation betwen target.position and camera.position(alpha,beta,radius)

Samuel Girardin

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I try to get this behavior (I try to reproduce it with those 2 small (<100kb) videos attached ) with the arc rotate camera. 

I don't think arcrotate cam handle that by default; and I can't find the relation I need between camera target and camera.position(alpha, beta, radius).  

Basically i need a normal arc rotate camera, but under a certain radius, I need to change the  target position, position.beta, and maybe radius to focus on my object. 

I continue to work on that that this afternoon, if someone has a good idea ?

Thanks ! 



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Just changing beta is not enough. In fact your solution is the same when your set camera.lowerRadiusLimit = value (radius = zoom in arc rotate cam). You still rotate around your initial camera target. Here is a screenshot of what I need.

Drawing this draft help me to better understand what I need. Still working on it. Any idea welcome ! And please tell me if I'm totally wrong !



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