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Cycle map with panning

Artyom Trityak

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I am trying to create something line world map which is a globe so edges are connected (ex from most left side you go to most right side).

This has has been split into small sprites each of them is individually interactable i.e clicks, hovers so i can not use TilingSprite because each small sprite should be interactive individually.


So the question is - is there any way to connect edges of the map so when used will do right panning, user will feel like infinity globe map.

Currently when user use panning i am changing container.x and container.y.

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Better to change container.pivot.x than container.x if you want camera-like behaviour.

For now you have to move your sprites to achieve that effect. When v4.1 will be more stable, you'll be able to use Cameras to achieve it: http://pixijs.github.io/examples/index.html?s=camera&f=mirror.js&title=%5Bv4.1%5D+2+bunnies+2+cameras&v=dev-4.1.0


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