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get corners of sprite after rotation


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Hello everyone,

I have 2 questions and I think they both deal with math.

1. How do i get the x,y,  x+ width and y+ height of a sprite after setting a rotation (corners of sprite)

image 1 (white background image)

2. how do i make a sprite look at the position of the mouse ( rotate to where the mouse is)

I tried various version and this seems to give me the closes one

 var angle = Math.atan2(mouseX - (boxIMG.position.x), -(mouseY - boxIMG.position.y));

then set the rotation to that

boxIMG.rotation = angle; but is not working correctly (black background image)

rotation example.jpg


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thans ivan,  that would be easier than me doing the math, just have to update to version 4. i will try that for the first question. For the future, should i do 2 posts separating the questions? I didn't do it since I figure they were somewhat related ( both deal with rotation)

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