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Scaling for Retina Devices


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Hi all,

I have looked around the forums and googled around for the past hour or so to try and figure out a solution to get graphics to look crisp. I have created 2x versions of my assets and load them in based on a switch statement for device pixel ratio. This is however just causing my sprites to double in size but still be blurry. I tried a few other solutions such as the following:

This just seemed to cause my game to half in size on my Retina MBP.

I thought that this solution may be ideal:

However I get this issue:

phaser.js:82051Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'scaleMode' of null

At this point I am thinking it may just be best to half the scale of my sprites since this is my first game and I don't use a large amount of assets. I still however don't feel its the best solution and wondered if anyone has any other suggestions or examples of how it can be done?


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