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Convert mouse position to local position (relatively to the container


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Hi, I'm a Phaser beginner and I'm trying to make a chess-like game. I created a background sprite with a board image. The first thing I want to do is getting the coordination of position on the board. I get it by pointing the mouse to each position and printing this.game.input.x,y in update() but it seems this is the world coordination and I can't use it to set the piece position (using chessPiece.position.set). Is there anyway to convert the world position to the local position?

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You're trying to map the game coordinates to your chess coordinates. It'll take some math. If you think about how your game is (for example) 800 pixels wide, and a chess board is 8 tiles wide, that means each tile is 800/8 === 100 pixels wide. So if the user clicks in pixel 234, that's 234/100 === 2nd tile.

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Thanks. But that's not really what I want. I could calculate the position using math but I figure I would use the function of converting the world position to local position in the future so I was asking anyway. For example in a RTS game I could spawn an unit at the mouse position on the board. I tried

this.game.world.toLocal(new PIXI.Point(this.game.input.x, this.game.input.y), parentObject)

but it's incorrect.

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