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Display WebP images on browsers that don't support it


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The game I'm working on loads and displays WebP images.

It works great on Chrome, but on other browsers such as FireFox, the image won't show because its unsupported.

Does anybody here know of a "hack" or a trick to be able to display those images on browsers that don't support WebP?

My last resort would be to inform the user that they need to play the game in a broswer that supports WebP, but that would mean that I would lose potential visits from other browsers.

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I presume "WebGL" is a typo? I wouldn't display that the user needs WebP support from there browser, how many end users will understand that that that means "use Google Chrome"?

While you might find a crazy person who has already ported a decoding library using emscripten or written one themselves, I feel it's not likely to be that fast; why not just use JPEG/PNG formats and work on all browsers?

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Ah yes I meant "WebP", sorry. I edited the post. I have a folder filled with WebP images (almost 3000+ images). We are using WebP because its smaller in size and it loads faster. Using PNGs would result in slower loading. Although worst comes to worst, yes it is an option. But as much as possible we would like to use WebP.

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