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BUG: sprite events in 2.4.8


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I've noticed a bug in phaser 2.4.8 that was not present in 2.4.8 (I skipped 2.4.7). 

This code:

function show() 
		sprBR1 = game.add.sprite(br1X, br1Y, 'Brillo1');
		sprBR1.inputEnabled = true; sprBR1.input.useHandCursor = true;
		sprBR1.alpha = 1;
		sprBR1.events.onInputOver.add(over, this);
		sprBR1.events.onInputOut.add(out, this);
		sprBR1.events.onInputUp.add(up, this);

function up() {
    console.log('button up', arguments);

function over() {
    console.log('button over');

function out() {
    console.log('button out');

worked in Phaser 2.4.6, when the mouse pass over the image, console.log is shown. But in Phaser 2.4.8 the left mouse button is required to be pressed for this to work. The same for useHandCursor property.


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